Divine Illusions Excerpt

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt (Chapter 8, Divine Illusions).

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In this scene: Sexy, veteran Mage, Hale Draven, is helping train new recruit, Keira Clearwater, in the ways of using her new found magic.

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Hale slumped lower against the wall of the quarry as he aimed another small rock at her. She dodged that one too. He was too pained (and drunk) to stand up and physically throw projectiles at her today, so he had to resort to using his magic instead.

“Hey, why is this so easy for you?” she asked, holding up her hands in a ‘T’ for ‘timeout’.

“Why’s what so easy?” he said, taking another sip of water. He winced at the cold on his tongue.

“That first day, when you stopped the Elf, you fell to the ground. Like it took everything out of you.”

“That’s because I was using my magic on the Elf directly. Things with free will fight back, it’s a lot harder to control them.”

“But not impossible?”

“No,” he said, “but I’d rather just throw weapons at my target. It’s much easier and takes a lot less strength. I only attacked the Elf directly because I knew you’d be dead if I missed.”

“So you could like pick me up and throw me if you wanted to?”

“Are you about to do something to try to provoke me into that?” he asked, wary. It was likely she was joking, but at the same time, she was going full bore with this training. If she thought it would help her somehow, she might try it.

“No,” she said, “I prefer not to be thrown. But really, you have the power to make me do anything you want?”

For some reason, the thought of magically coaxing her to strip down naked flashed in his mind. He shook his head. Such a weird question. Was it possible she was baiting him just to throw him off his game? Just like he’d try to do with that kiss?

“Like what?” he ventured, leaning his head back on the rock behind him.

“I’m sure you have a vivid imagination,” she said, shooting him a devilish smirk. She was toying with him.

“Is timeout over?” he said, “I think you need to focus on your training instead of ways to make me feel uncomfortable.”

“Just keeping you on your toes,” she said.

“You’re supposed to be the one on your toes.” Or on your back, if I had my way. Shit. He really shouldn’t have drunk the rest of that bottle. Last night was one thing, he’d been in a different mindset, but now, watching her dance around the quarry in nothing but shorts and a sports bra, her amulet pinned between her breasts, sweat gleaming off her perfect milky skin… Fuck. Maybe he’d tease her back, just a little. Teach her to expect the unexpected.

He flicked his fingers towards a small fallen tree branch nearby.

“You’re not going to throw that thing at me, are you?” she said, placing a hand on her hip.

God, he wanted to touch those hips.

“That thing is huge,” she said.

He bit back an immature chuckle.

“No, I wasn’t planning on throwing it at you,” he said, mischievous lilt to his voice as he levitated the branch towards her. “Come on, use your powers. What am I going to do next?”

As soon as she closed her eyes he took his shot. He pulled back the branch and swatted it across her ass.

She leapt slightly, opening her eyes.

“I could have guessed you’d do that without using my Sight,” she said, raising an eyebrow. “That was easy. Boys are always thinking about sex on some level.”

“That wasn’t sexual,” he lied. Unconvincingly, judging by the little smirk forming on her face.

“Sure,” she said, flipping her long, shiny sheet of blue-black hair over one shoulder. “If that wasn’t sexual, then what is?”

“Are you asking me to tell you what I’d do if I were actually trying to seduce you?”

“I’m asking you to show me.”

“I don’t think we should try that,” he said, attempting (unsuccessfully) to pull his gaze away from her taut waistline.

“I just want to see your moves. Prove you aren’t as predictable as I imagine you are,” she said. “Come on, make this interesting for me. I won’t take it the wrong way, I promise. It’s not like you’re actually touching me, it’s just for fun.”

He studied her for a moment, watching her stretch one arm behind her back and then the other. Why was this such a big deal? He was a natural flirt, he did crap like this all the time. Hell, he had just spanked her. And he was the one who had kissed her on their first day of training, why was this different? And like she said, he wasn’t actually touching her.

“Okay,” he said, dropping the branch, ignoring the tiny alarms going off in his brain. “Weird training exercise but I guess it’s the same principle as battle. I’ll do three moves.”

“Am I allowed to use my Sight?”

“Of course,” he said, glancing around the quarry, formulating his next move. “You’ve got the fundamentals down, let’s ratchet this up, sharpen your Sight.”

“Game on then,” she said, flipping her hair again.

She walked over, placed a foot on either side of him, straddling his legs as he sat on the ground, and closed her eyes. He looked up at her standing above him like that and had to fight with everything he had not to reach up and grab her ass. God, he wanted to just pull her down on top of him, peel those shorts off, and…

What was he doing? He shouldn’t be doing this. This was dangerous.

“I’m waiting,” she said, eyes squeezed shut, hands on her hips.

It’s okay. This was different. She knew what this was. She might look innocent, but she understood. If she weren’t his student, would he even have stopped to think?

“I’m thinking,” he said, gazing up the silken smooth skin of her calf. Those legs. They begged for attention.

He patted around on the ground, searching, trying to locate the perfect tool. If only he could use his hands instead. His fingertips brushed across a slick, flat stone, as wide as his palm and warm to the touch. That would work.

He twisted his fingers and lifted the stone into the air. The magic pulsed between his surrogate touch and his amulet, heat pricking in his chest as he hovered the rock just over her skin. The stone kissed down just above her ankle.

He glanced up to gauge her reaction. She’d tucked her lips in, biting back a smile.

He fought his own grin as he turned his attention back to the shimmering stone pressed against her leg. Exhaling, he carefully, deliberately began to slide the warm rock up her inner calf.

She shifted a little under the sensation, giggling for a moment as it brushed over the ticklish skin of her knee.

He bit his lip and continued pushing the stone upward. His power swirled blue around her exquisite thighs, the rock climbing her skin in sweet ascent. He stopped just at the edge of the leg of her shorts and kept the stone in place as she slowly opened her eyes.

A lazy half-smirk rolled across her lips. “I knew you’d go for the legs first,” she teased. “That’s why I put them right in front of you. I didn’t even have to use my Sight.”

He let out a short laugh. Okay, fair enough, he should have expected she’d pull something like that. He lowered the stone back to the ground. “Are you sure you’re not a Mage? That was some masterful manipulation there. But I still have two tries.”

“So confident. Ready then?”

“Almost,” he said, casting around for his next tool. “Okay. Close your eyes.”

He swept his fingers and scooped up a dried swatch of grass, the once-pert blades now soft, yet stiff.

The fibers scratched together making a slight rustling sound as he levitated the ball of grass in a sparkling azure swirl. He brought the tendrils to the midline of her chest, just below her sports bra, and let the very tips of the grass whisper between her ribs.

She shivered almost imperceptibly.

Whether it was because he’d caught her off guard or simply the sensation on its own, he didn’t care. This wasn’t about winning anymore, this was about making her squirm.

He languidly let the pieces slide down the center of her core, drifting down the middle of her abdomen, tracing the gentle dip of her bellybutton. When he reached the waistband of her shorts, he split the bundle of grass in half and flicked the blades outward into two fan shapes. He drew them gently towards her hip bones, trailing them as he would his own ten fingers if given the chance.

An involuntary moan bubbled up from the back of his throat and escaped his lips before he could push it back down. He snapped out of his enchantment in surprise at himself, dropping the wads of grass at her feet.

She let out a soft, demure laugh. “Guess you surprised yourself,” she smiled, biting her lip. “But you didn’t surprise me. I Saw it. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a nice move though.”

“Dammit,” he smirked, studying her hips, eyes unapologetically hungry. He’d given himself away with that moan. He didn’t need to pretend he wasn’t enjoying this anymore. It could have been the alcohol, but suddenly, he didn’t care about holding back.

“You can’t win,” she said.

“We’ll see. I still have one more move.”