Totally Unique Character Flaws

We’ve all been there.  We’ve all suffered through it. We’ve all lost precious hours to stories/books/movies with cardboard characters. The clumsy, yet otherwise perfect woman. The brute who just doesn’t deserve love (for no reason other than he “just doesn’t”). The characters whose flaws are limited to: uncontrollable blushing, or… forgetting their keys, or… carrying... Continue Reading →

New Life

I nearly piss myself when the wheel finally comes to a complete stop. I blink several times, just to be sure.  I am not seeing things, not today. The arrow points at the sparkling, gold panel, the only one of its kind on the entire roulette. The host turns to me, microphone pressed right up... Continue Reading →

The Princess’s Game

"Stop, stop, STOP," Bob said, crossing his arms over the strained buttons of his tropical-print polo. "What color are they?" "Pardon?" I said, eyebrow raised. I should have just said no when they asked me to teach them how to play D&D. Seemed like a quick couple bucks, desperately needed, but I should have known... Continue Reading →

New Years Puppet Master

As a writer of Romance I often times find myself day dreaming about human connection (no, not just physically “connecting”… emotionally too!  Sometimes).  Anyway, whether it’s envisioning about my favor Actor du jour, characters in a book, or the hottie at Target who can’t figure out the self-checkout (just kidding, that’s an instant turn off),... Continue Reading →

Silenters- the early work.

As a (horribly lonely) child I made up a lot of stories.  I recently found one of them at the bottom of my mom's closet.  As I read back over this bizarre universe I created, I knew I had to share.  The story is filled with cats with wings, naturally.  Oh, and their political struggles,... Continue Reading →

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