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Book Cover DIVINE ILLUSIONS REVAMPBook One: Divine Illusions

As the lone Diviner amongst a platoon of fire-wielders and illusion-casters, Keira Clearwater already knew she was in for a rough time adapting to life in the field, but when she’s partnered with sexy, veteran Mage, Hale Draven, she quickly realizes no amount of battle magic will help her in the fight against temptation, or the haunting visions from her past.

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Book Two: Flames Untamed

Captain Angeline Quintana is arguably one of the most badass Mages this side of The Veil, or, she was, until she went and got her amulet destroyed by that idiot rogue Salamander, Kyle Kallen. Now, with only a single measure of magic between the two of them, they’ll have to work together if they hope to survive their enemy’s next move… and each other.

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON!  Free on Kindle Unlimited


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